Vigo introduces a pioneering system that prevents contamination ships docked


The Port of Vigo yesterday released a pioneer in the world system designed to reduce emissions from ships docked at a minimum. These off the main engine, but have to keep lit ancillary to ensure the operation of services on board: wineries, light, cold … Named Port Green Energy Center (GOEC), the project is being organized and developed entirely in Galicia, and has received an investment of 1.8 million. Is to provide clean energy to boats, both electrical and thermal, through mobile containers for liquefied natural gas.

The prototype is testing in oceanographic Sarmiento de Gamboa. It is the contribution made by the CSIC to study promoted by the consulting Inova and also of the Port Authority, with the participation of the Campus del Mar at the University of Vigo, the Institute of Industrial Applied Mathematics and a consortium of five companies ( Internaco, Key Plan, Vicus DT, Inabensa and Emenasa) specialized in different fields and, as explained Alberto Casal, alma mater of the idea, share the patent.

The main novelty that bring the containers is that it avoids a costly infrastructure tanks and pipes along the pier, and ensure the supply even in the less accessible parts of the port. In this case it is sufficient to place the container on a barge and the vessel acoderarla.